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Basic knowledge of rewinding machine

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Overview of rewinding machine:
Rewinding machine is the most common type of adhesive tape equipment, mainly used for rewinding large volume of material into small volume of material, the most basic requirement is that the rewinding can maintain the original properties of the material, and no wrinkles and bubbles are allowed at the same time.
Classification of rewinder:
The rewinding machine can be divided into single shaft rewinding machine, double shaft rewinding machine and no shaft rewinding machine.
Can also be divided into viscous material rewinding machine, non - viscous material rewinding machine.
Main functions:
1. The second section table controls the rewinding length; Automatic braking stop;
2. Automatic control of winding tension and winding tension;
3. Develop the material of the arch rubber roller to remove the wrinkles;
4. Embossing materials for the rotary shaft, and teflon plating for bonding treatment;
5. Silica gel roller is used to remove air bubbles, and the pressure can be adjusted to make the rewinding material elastic;
Introduction to unshafted rewinding machine:
The unshafted rewinding machine adopts the surface rewinding method, which can use the pipe core with different inner hole diameters to rewind the material. It is also suitable for rewinding OPP ultra-transparent tape, PET protective film and so on.
Introduction to double shaft rewinding machine:
This kind of rewinding machine adopts two collecting scrolls for switching rewinding. When one of them is rewinding, the other can be used for pipe loading or unloading operation. Therefore, the work efficiency of this kind of rewinding machine is the highest, which is theoretically twice as high as that of single shaft rewinding machine.

Differences between viscous material rewinding machine and non-viscous material rewinding machine:
The working principles of these two types of rewinder are basically the same, but there are many differences as follows:
1. The mechanical rewinding machine of viscous materials adopts teflon roller to transport materials, while the non-viscous material rewinding machine shall not use such roller shaft;
2. The non-viscous material rewinding machine needs to be equipped with EPC device to correct the material migration, while the viscous material rewinding machine shall not use this device, otherwise the materials will be entangled due to the adhesion effect;
3. The viscous material rewinding machine is generally connected structure, while the non-viscous material rewinding machine is generally independent structure, which is divided into two parts: the material releasing rectifying table and the rewinding main machine.

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